Our Studio

Watching us work in the studio is a great way to learn about the process and deepen your appreciation of glass.  Those with patience can see a piece being created from start to finish, witnessing firsthand the level of skill and focus it takes for this team to create their work.  Often times people comment that watching us make glass is like watching a dance unfold upon a stage where everyone has their contribution to make and part to play in the making of a piece.  When we work together as one it’s as if the piece were effortlessly unfolding before people’s eyes and then before you know it the creation is completed and safely tucked away in the annealing oven to cool down slowly over night.  The process of glassblowing is very engaging. The good news is you can do it too!  We have been teaching people the art of glassblowing for many years. Whether it be ornament making lessons for the whole family or a private vessel lesson for someone wanting to start a new hobby, learning about glass is fun, exciting, challenging, and very rewarding when you hold your very own glass creation in your hands the next day.  Group lessons are very popular.  It’s a fun time together for a girl’s night out, an afternoon date, a birthday party, or bonding experience for new business colleagues or association boards.  Almost always everyone present is starting at the beginning with no experience, creating a level learning curve for all and a lot of laughs at how different, surprising, awkward, and fun it is to learn about this magical medium.  For those more interested in the finished product our glassware gallery offers some splendid treasures.  Our functional tableware which makes a great gift – wedding gift, birthday gift, holiday gift, or a gift just for you. 

Our sculpture gallery offers one of a kind glass pieces and installations highlighting our fine art background.


A visit to the studio holds many experiences – a feast for the eyes, a shopping spree, an experience adventure, a learning opportunity.  Any way you look at it, it’s worth the trip.  Call us for hours, we are open most days of the year but times can vary during the off season or when the team is traveling for business. Evening appointments are available upon request.